Matt Riddle Placed on the Shelf

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Matt Riddle Placed on the Shelf

A number of popular WWE Wrestlers and NXT wrestlers get injured every year. Professional wrestling is a tough sport and not many people can wrestle professionally. Most professional wrestlers suffer horrible injuries during the course of their careers.

Some of them are pretty painful. Only a handful of people in the world can wrestler professionally for years. Most indie wrestlers never make it to a big promotion and retire or are forced to retire only after a few years of wrestling.

Even a few WWE wrestlers had to retire prematurely due to an injury. It is true that WWE wrestlers are paid very well though, but the wrestlers need to work really hard to stay in the company for long. Matt Riddle is a former indie wrestler and he is quite famous.

He is now part of NXT. Matt is currently placed on the shelf by NXT because he has a mild arm infection! Even a small infection can place a wrestler on the shelf! This is what he said on his Twitter account: "I've been pulled from all the shows this weekend due to a mild arm infection which saddens me greatly, but real talk I got my new creature skateboard from CCS yesterday and I'm gonna go tear it up at the local skate park," Riddle wrote, also showing off his new skateboard.