Tommaso Ciampa Returns to Training

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Tommaso Ciampa Returns to Training

Tommaso Ciampa is a WWE NXT Superstar and he just started his wrestling training again. He had cervical fusion neck surgery done about 50 days ago. Ciampa posted a video on his Instagram account which read: "Day 48 post op cervical fusion.

I am still at a 5 pound max on most lifts. Thanks to @tarahalaby for this burner. Use constant tension squeezing the ball against the wall with a neutral spine. 20 reps overhead, 20 reps lateral raise, 20 reps front raise. Great for recruiting stabilization muscles throughout the traps and neck."

He also posted a video on it. He got his surgery done on the 8th of March. He was the NXT Champion at the time and was forced to drop it. The WWE has not fixed his return dates yet, but he might not return to the WWE ring in less than a year.

Ciampa had some horrible news for his fans on the 1st of April. He stated that the doctors said that Ciampa will be playing with his life and be on “borrowed time” if he continues his wrestling career after the surgery.

He stated that he felt extremely bad after he found out that he will miss the NXT "Takeover: New York" event. Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole fought for the vacant NXT Title. Gargano won the title! Ciampa was supposed to fight Gargano according to the original plan.