Stacey Ervin Jr. Leaves NXT

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Stacey Ervin Jr. Leaves NXT

Stacey Ervin Jr. was one of the top upcoming talents of NXT. He is now no longer part of NXT, according to his Instagram account. "It is true. I have parted ways with WWE/NXT. It was not an easy decision, but it was a decision that I felt was right for me," he wrote.

This all started at the end of March. Certain reports suggested that Ervin wants the WWE to release him. He requested the WWE to let him go! He thought he suffered a concussion according to a report from Squared Circle Sirens.

The WWE wanted Ervin to take time off to think and not quit the WWE. Certain NXT people believe that now he is 100% done. In a statement, Ervin stated that a person told him that he is the highest flying wrestler that the WWE has produced in its history.

He has a very high airtime and can jump extremely high. "P.s. Someone told me that I was the highest flyer in WWE history (air time / height from the canvas). If someone could please help confirm that, that'd be an awesome fact for the grandkids someday."

He is a former gymnast, and he has already started teasing his new projects. The WWE signed him in 2018 and he debuted in September. His first appearance on TV was at the 30th January tapings.