Darren Young on Being Close to Goldust

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Darren Young on Being Close to Goldust

Darren Young is a former WWE Wrestler. He was one of the most athletic wrestlers of his time. He received the Vanguard Award at the Miami’s OUTshine flim festival. The festival took place on the 28th of April, 2019. He was at the 2010, NXT reality-lite competition It was an inaugural part of NXT and CM Punk was his mentor.

He made his debut as a member of The Nexus which was a heel faction and consisted of NXT rookies. They were unstoppable at the time. Darren Young went on to compete as a solo wrestler. He was released by the WWE in 2017. He was a guest at the WINCLY podcast where he spoke about being close to Dustin Rhodes who is known as Goldust in the WWE.

That is the reason why we may see him in All Elite Wrestling one day. This is what Young said: "The relationships with The Rhodes are great, you know? Especially Goldie. Goldustis someone that I really, I think I was more closer to Goldie than Cody.

Cody and I were cool. But I was a lot more closer to Goldie because I remember his career early… WCW and stuff like that. He was always known for selling. He could sell. He could tell a story in the ring. He was a great storyteller. So I always clung on to him, not only as a fan, but I'm working with him.