WWE Superstar Sent Back to NXT

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WWE Superstar Sent Back to NXT

Killer Dain is being sent back to NXT. He will now be a part of the NXT Main Roster He might be sent back to NXT immediately. NXT TV Tapings will take place soon at the Full Sail University. Dave Meltzer from the F4Wonline.com stated that Dain is being sent back to WWE NXT brand after all the things that happened to SAnitY during the 2019 WWE Superstar Shakeup.

As previously noted, the leader of SAnitY, Eric Young was sent to RAW. He was previously working for Smackdown. SAnitY was not even mentioned in the Superstars Shakeup. Alexander Wolfe just made his debut at NXT UK, so he will be there for now.

It will be his new home. So that leaves us with Dain, who will be going to NXT from Smackdown. Nikki Cross’ situation is still not clear. The WWE has not announced anything regarding Nikki Cross’ new brand. She is married to Dain, but Meltzer reports that she will most likely be part of RAW.

Nikki Cross is not part of any RAW storylines and we do not know when she will make her return to them. SAnitY used to wrestle together at NXT. They were made Smackdown superstars in June 2018 after they were called to its main roster. They haven’t been used very frequently and only made a few appearances on SmackDown Live.