Lars Sullivan’s Moves Reserved for Special Occasions

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Lars Sullivan’s Moves Reserved for Special Occasions

The Freak Accident and the running sit-down powerbomb are moves used by Lars Sullivan. These two moves will now be his main finishing moves. His diving headbutt will no longer be a finisher. The diving headbutt is not banned and he can perform the move inside a WWE Ring.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Officials want Lars to use the diving headbutt only on special occasions. The Diving headbutt is a very dangerous move to perform. Wrestlers can get injured and the move can cause major issues such as brain damage.

WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, The Dynamite Kid and Chris Benoit are wrestlers that suffered various issues after performing the diving headbutt again and again over the course of many years. Race was the one that invented the move and said that he regrets inventing it.

He stated that the move can cause damage to the performer’s neck. It has very bad long-term effects. The Observer stated that the diving headbutt is a lot safer to perform on an opponent than the sitdown powerbomb. A badly performed sitdown powerbomb can cause paralysis almost instantly and the end the career of the receiver.

Lars will now be allowed to use the move in big matches or in an angle that really requires something to be put over. You can find various videos on YouTube in which Lars performed the diving headbutt. It was one of his finishing moves in NXT.