Dana Brooke Makes Her Way to NXT

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Dana Brooke Makes Her Way to NXT
Dana Brooke Makes Her Way to NXT

Dana Brooke is a well-known WWE main roster wrestler. She is now part of WWE NXT which is still considered WWE’s Developmental brand. We have seen a large number of main roster stars make their way to NXT recently. Dana recently entered NXT and stated that she will compete in the main event.

The main even is going to be a battle royal. The winner will get a chance to fight for the NXT Women’s Title. It is currently being held by Tiffany Stratton.

Dana Brooke Joins The NXT Main Roster and Enters Battle Royal For a Title Shot

Mustafa Ali and Baron Corbin were free agents when they joined NXT.

Dana Brooke was not a free agent when she joined NXT. Dana was officially part of WWE RAW after this year’s draft. "I heard there's a Number One Contender's Battle Royal tonight," Brooke told a backstage interviewer. "If anyone's gonna face Tiffany, it's going to be me.

I've heard there's a lot of buzz around 'NXT,' and this place is full of opportunities, but I'm going to make my own opportunity tonight when I'm the last woman standing." Even though Dana has fought some of the best wrestlers on the main roster, she has not been pushed to the top by the WWE.

She is known for her strength, but it appears the WWE does not believe in her ability to carry any major title. Perhaps Dana was sent to NXT to make the brand slightly stronger than it is right now. The WWE has done that in the past.

They sent their main roster stars to NXT to make NXT stronger so they can compete with AEW Dynamite, which used to take place on Wednesday. Brook wrestled in 2016 at NXT and then joined the main roster. She used to fight regularly at WWE Main Event, which was a tapped show.

Dana has never won the major women’s title, but she has won the 24/7 Title 15 times. The 24/7 title does not exist in the WWE anymore. Dana attempted to make the 24/7 title into a secondary women’s title. She failed to do that.

The current NXT Women’s title, Stratton competed in May 28th. She defeated Lyra Valkiyria in the final of the tournament for the title. The tournament was held after Indi Hartwell vacated the title, following an injury. After a while, Indi was called to the main roster, so she couldn’t keep the title anyway.

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