Konnan Slams 'Unprofessional' AEW Wrestlers

Konnan unpacks professional missteps by prominent AEW wrestling stars.

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan Slams 'Unprofessional' AEW Wrestlers

Konnan, the highly regarded former WCW star who has had a robust career spanning multiple decades in professional wrestling, has recently taken issue with two significant players in All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) lucha libre arena.

Currently engaged in behind-the-scenes roles in Lucah Libre AAA, Konnan chose to utilize the platform provided by his K100 podcast to address the controversy brewing around the sudden departure of two AEW stars from AAA. Focusing his criticism initially on Bandido, Konnan expressed disappointment over the wrestling star's unprofessional approach, particularly in regards to communication.

"Bandido has formed an unfortunate habit of not answering calls when I've reached out for work-related matters," Konnan shared on his podcast, implying that Bandido's lack of professional etiquette was exacerbated by an inflated ego.

Ego Oversteps Market Reality

Konnan elaborated, "The issue arises when these wrestlers achieve success in the United States, and their newfound fame prompts them to make unreasonable demands that the market cannot sustain." He referred to similar incidents during Bandido's tenure with Ring of Honor, implying a pattern of behavior that could potentially backfire if circumstances in AEW were to change adversely.

Switching gears to Rush, the AAA booker mentioned creative disagreements coupled with financial constraints as the prime catalysts that spurred the wrestler's premature departure from AAA. According to Konnan, this move had left the organization in a tight spot.

Konnan expressed his frustration, saying, "Rush was unhappy with the lack of opportunities, but the fact is that Los Ingobernables had an ongoing feud with the Dynamite Brothers, and with one of the brothers, El Cuatrero, in jail, it was challenging to advance their storyline." He also noted Rush's high asking price, a factor that weighed heavily on AAA's budget.

"Rush demands a premium that's not justifiable outside of the United States. It's an unfair burden on our budget," he lamented, adding that he would rather invest in multiple wrestlers than cater to one exorbitantly priced talent.

Konnan ended with a note of warning for the erring wrestlers. He said, "They've gained influence and power in the United States, and they are abusing it. They must remember that their actions will not be easily forgotten."

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