Dominik Dijakovic Announces Knee Injury

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Dominik Dijakovic Announces Knee Injury

Dominik Dijakovic is a WWE NXT Superstar. He made a return to Twitter recently and announced that he went through a knee surgery on Tuesday. He had to delete his Twitter account after making a controversial in-character tweet which said something about “purifying” America.

"Yesterday morning my knee was surgically repaired in Orlando, Florida," Dijakovic revealed. "I know to many of you, you'd consider this a burden or a setback but not me, I consider this a gift. I'm happy that I had a tear in my meniscus because this, this represents sacrifice, this represents discipline.

I had to rip away the weakness to rebuild it, to be stronger than ever, using my blood. My blood. "When I was through, the only ones waiting for me were my family. The only ones that have ever waited for me are my family.

They will drive me. They will drive me to return stronger than ever to regain what is rightfully ours. And that's the North American Championship." Although he has stated that he is injured, he did not talk about when he will return to the wrestling ring.

Usually, it takes 3 months for a wrestler to return after a successful knee surgery. Dominik still wants to win the NXT North American title that belongs to The Velveteen Dream. Their feud started on TV just recently.