Does NXT Actually Make Money?

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Does NXT Actually Make Money?

The Wrestling Observer Radio recently took a look at WWE NXT. It is a brand that is owned by the WWE and is WWE’s smaller wrestling promotion. The Observer questioned whether NXT actually makes the WWE any money or not.

The Sports Business Journal reported that the average developmental contract wrestler makes around $50,000 to $150,0000 per year. A developmental talent makes around $80,000 per year at an average. Considering the developmental talents exist in the WWE Performance Center and the UK Performance Center, the WWE might be losing a huge amount of money here.

Well then again, you can’t expect a developmental system to make any money, so it isn’t a bad thing. Triple H stated, however, that the NXT brand is actually profitable. He wanted us to take a look as NXT as a separate wrestling promotion and don’t look at it in terms of numbers.

NXT has plenty of liver tours and tickets are not free. So the WWE makes money through ticket sales and live events. Merchandize sales cover the travelling costs and lodging. The Observer stated that NXT need to pay its talents nearly $8 million every year.

Ticket sales make around $6.4 million per year and merchandize sales make $1 million every year. Considering all of that, it appears that WWE NXT does not make the WWE money and the WWE ends up losing a lot of money.