Booker T Speaks About Being a Commentator on NXT


Booker T Speaks About Being a Commentator on NXT

Booker T is regarded by many as one of the best wrestlers of all time. Before joining the WWE, Booker T was one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. He worked for WCW before he started working for the WWE. Over there, he won the WCW title 5 times.

He worked very hard after joining the WWE to get to the top of the company.

Booker T Talks About The Difference He Feels While Commentating at NXT

Most WCW wrestlers that joined the WWE were not given a push by the WWE. Many people believe that Vince wanted to punish former WCW wrestlers.

The WCW went out of business after it was bought by Vince McMahon nearly 20 years ago. During the Monday Night Wars, which took place during the 1990s, the WCW managed to beat the WWE in TV ratings multiple times. Booker T was one of the stars that was helping the WCW get better TV ratings than WWE.

Booker T retired from in-ring competition nearly a decade ago. After ending his in-ring career, Booker T became a commentator. Booker T is currently working as a WWE NXT commentator. On Chris Van Vliet’s show, he spoke about the difference between commentating on one of the main roster shows and for NXT.

When I was on 'Raw,' when I was a 'SmackDown,' everything had to be politically correct," he said. "Of course, I had, you know, something in my ear [Vince McMahon]. You know, sometimes, you couldn't be yourself. And I find myself at 'NXT' being kind of like I am here at Reality of Wrestling.

You know, I'm throwing my clipboard. I'm having fun at the same time." Even casual fans know that Vince did not let most wrestlers and staff create things on their own. He was very hands on with the company when he was still running the shows.

According to Booker, he can add a lot of his personality when he is commentating at WWE NXT. He regularly uses his one-liners. The fans really seem to enjoy his one-liners. He stated that this makes him very unique. "It's just all about having balance.

And trying to think about one thing, first and foremost, and that's the young guys, the talent, and trying to put a spotlight on those guys," he said. "And, you know, hopefully, give them the rub is something we talked about in the business."

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