FTR & Young Bucks vs. Bullet Club Gold in AEW All Out 8-Man Tag


FTR & Young Bucks vs. Bullet Club Gold in AEW All Out 8-Man Tag
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In a dramatic twist following the fallout from their recent bout at All In, the AEW World Tag Team Champions are teaming up with AEW's Executive Vice Presidents, hoping to reconcile past differences if only for an evening.

During Wednesday's "Dynamite" episode, a revealing backstage segment was aired. Captured in the locker room in the immediate aftermath of the All In event, FTR and The Young Bucks were seen engrossed in a deep discussion, attempting to make sense of the Bucks' decision to snub FTR's peace offering—a straightforward handshake.

This simple gesture was meant to cap off their captivating trilogy of matches, which have enthralled audiences across the globe.

Bullet Club Gold Interrupts Reconciliation

However, just as it seemed the two teams might find some common ground, their discussion was unceremoniously disrupted.

Enter Bullet Club Gold's inimitable Jay White, Juice Robinson, and The Gunns, still riding high from White and Robinson's momentous victory against The Golden Elite during the same event. With his trademark confidence, White couldn't help but make an observation: both factions had four members.

He swiftly proposed a tantalizing showdown for the wrestling fandom – an eight-man tag team match set for the upcoming All Out pay-per-view event. The stage? The illustrious United Center in Chicago, Illinois. Initially hesitant, both FTR and the Bucks eventually acceded to the challenge, albeit with an air of reluctance.

The eagerness of Bullet Club Gold was palpable, particularly since they've been itching for a rematch with FTR following their critically acclaimed tag title face-off earlier in the year during the "Collision" event. With the stakes this high and the tensions palpable, fans around the world are poised for what promises to be a match for the ages.

As the wrestling world counts down to the All Out event this Sunday, many are left wondering: Will the combined might of FTR and The Young Bucks prove enough to dethrone the indomitable Bullet Club Gold? Only time will tell.

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