NXT Takeover Does Better Than RAW and Smackdown

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NXT Takeover Does Better Than RAW and Smackdown

Mauro Ranallo Revealed that the NXT “Takeover: XXV” sold out the arena. The event took place at the Webster Bank Arena that is in Bridgeport, CT. The WWE did not provide any number though, so we have no idea about how many attended the event.

Triple H was at the post-media show. He indicated that the Takeover event was very special and was WWE’s most successful event in that arena. "This brand can stand on its own, and tonight was special. This was the highest-grossing WWE event we've done in this building.

We've done RAW and SmackDown here, and this outdrew them." The arena can hold up to 10,000 people for concerts, 9,000 people for basketball games and 8,400 people for hockey games. According to many wrestling industry people, the NXT product is doing much better than the main WWE products.

The WWE has been struggling to find good ratings for its Smackdown and RAW products. Also, the WWE is not doing well in its live events, which is another reason why they reported losses this year. According to AEW wrestler, Jon Moxley, Vince McMahon is the problem.

NXT is a success because the brand is mostly handled by Triple H and he, according to many, understands what the fans like and delivers it. NXT wrestlers are also considered better by some wrestling industry people than main roster talents.