Triple H on Tyler Breeze Returning to NXT

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Triple H on Tyler Breeze Returning to NXT

Although most NXT stars never return to NXT after joining the WWE main roster, some of them do. In the past few years, only a very few wrestlers have been ordered by the WWE to return to NXT. NXT is where most inexperienced wrestlers are developed into main roster talents.

Wrestlers even win the NXT title and create a huge fan base for themselves. Tyler Breeze recently made his way back to NXT. He spent 3 and a half years in the WWE main roster. He was given a title shot immediately after his return.

He faced NXT North American Champion Velveteen Dream at NXT TakeOverXXV. Tyler wasn’t successful in winning the title, and Dream retained his title. Triple H spoke after the match to Cathy Kelly and told her that both men respect each other now.

"I think it cemented his legacy, but I think it also earned Tyler Breeze the respect of a young man called Velveteen Dream," Triple H said. "[Velveteen Dream] looked at [Breeze] and said, 'You're not walking back in here, this is a different place now, this is my house.

You are not taking my spot.' Tyler said, 'I'm coming back and going to take what I want.' In the end, they earned each other's respect." This was Breeze’s first Takeover event. Previously, Dream took shots at Breeze’s mediocre run on the main roster.