Tyler Breeze on Being Underused

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Tyler Breeze on Being Underused

Many superstars recently took to social media to talk about the WWE and the bad working conditions. Many superstars believe that the WWE disregards them. Some superstars spend years in the WWE before getting a push by the WWE.

Some do not, and quit the company and go back to the indie circuit. Tyler Breeze is a WWE superstar. He held a Q&A session on Twitter this week and some people asked him about if he feels he is being disregarded by the WWE.

Breeze responded, "Honestly. It isn't my company. And I signed on to work for this company. So at takeover and for years I showed exactly what and who I am. It's their choice professionally however they want to use me.

It's up to me whether or not I wanna sign that paper saying I'm ok with that" Tyler Breeze was until recently part of the WWE main roster. He is now part of WWE NXT and he wrestled The Velveteen Dream at “Takeover: XXV”.

The event took place on Saturday. Dream is the current NXT North American Champion and he successfully defended his title against Breeze. According to Breeze, Triple H was the one that made Breeze head back to the NXT roster. According to Breeze, he has not been demoted. It is kind of a lateral move for his career according to him.