Booker T Speaks About WWE NXT Not Hitting 1 Million Viewers


Booker T Speaks About WWE NXT Not Hitting 1 Million Viewers
Booker T Speaks About WWE NXT Not Hitting 1 Million Viewers © Keith Sneed/hhsvoyager

Booker T recently spoke about WWE NXT not hitting 1 million viewers, even though The Undertaker and John Cena appeared on it. NXT was WWE’s developmental brand at one time. It was the place where many WWE stars started their careers.

However, WWE NXT is no longer considered a developmental brand. Many people still do not take NXT seriously now. Some hardcore wrestling fans liked NXT at one time, as it was under Triple H, and offered fans something different.

Many people believe that WWE RAW and Smackdown wasn’t appealing to the hardcore wrestling fans.

Booker T Believes NXT Should Celebrate Even Though They Didn't Hit 1 Million

However, RAW, Smackdown and NXT are under Triple H now, and their product has improved since he took over.

Booker T expressed serious concerns about NXT not being able to hit 1 million viewers, even though NXT had John Cena and The Undertaker this week. AEW Dynamite was going head to head with WWE NXT this week and managed to gain 609,000 viewers.

NXT got 921,000 viewers. That is around 80,000 viewers short of a million. Booker T stated that he wasn’t even thinking about AEW Dynamite this week, as NXT’s was more important for him. "I'm gonna tell you right now, honestly, that was the last thing I was thinking about," Booker T said.

"I wasn't thinking about AEW at all. I was thinking about WWE, I was thinking about 'NXT.' I was thinking about 'NXT' getting a million in the ratings. I've been saying, 'Man, we gotta get this thing up to a million,' since I walked in the door down there.

To see the show put together to where we might actually get that million, that's the only thing I was thinking about." Booker T stated that he only started thinking about AEW once the ratings were out. Tony Khan actually tweeted about it.

However, Booker T believes that WWE should still celebrate, even though they did not hit 1 million viewers. "I'm surprised as well [that it didn't get over one million]," Booker T added. "I'm surprised as well, but that 921 [thousand] is close enough to a million where if it was a lottery ticket, I'd be happy.

I don't care about that extra [80] or whatever it was. I'm gonna be like, 'Man, give me that 921.' ... That's the way I look at that, but I was anticipating a much higher rating. I think I said 1.3. Anything close to a million is great, but I'm still looking and hoping for 'NXT' to be able to consistently be around a million mark on a weekly basis. That's just creating really, really great shows more than anything."

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