Long Term Deals Handed to New WWE Talents

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Long Term Deals Handed to New WWE Talents

The WWE apparently worried about the wrestling indie scene becoming better last year. Many fans are turning away from the WWE and follow their favorite wrestlers when they step outside of the WWE. The WWE at the moment is till the largest wrestling promotion of the world, but they are not making as much money as they used to, thanks to the bad live event sales and lack of PPV sales.

The WWE has also lost some of its best talents and many have joined the indie circuit. Wrestlers are doing well outside of the WWE as well now. Many wrestlers do not like the schedule that the WWE gives them. With All Elite Wrestling, wrestlers now have an option outside of the WWE as well.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE NXT contracts are now bigger than ever before. The new talents are getting five-year deals. The WWE is probably doing this to lock-down its talents and make sure the good ones don’t end up with another promotion.

Through the five year deals, the WWE can fully test the new talent and get an idea of what they can really do before making them permanent stars. The WWE knows that AEW and other wrestling promotions are after the best indie wrestlers. It appears that the WWE wants to take away the best wrestlers and leave nothing for anybody.