Lyra Valkyria Discusses NXT Title Match with Becky Lynch


Lyra Valkyria Discusses NXT Title Match with Becky Lynch
Lyra Valkyria Discusses NXT Title Match with Becky Lynch © WWE/YouTube

In a turn of events that has reshaped the WWE NXT Women's division, newcomer Lyra Valkyria achieved the unimaginable last week: she defeated Becky Lynch, an icon of women's wrestling, to seize the NXT Women's Championship.

The surprising win has not only catapulted Valkyria into the spotlight but has also signaled a new era for WWE's developmental brand. In an exclusive interview with Metro UK, Valkyria opened up about the emotional experience of facing her longtime idol in the ring.

Both hailing from Ireland, Valkyria and Lynch have more in common than their national roots, but it was Valkyria who emerged victorious after an intense showdown. "It was a surreal moment. I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity than facing another Irish woman who inspired my wrestling career," Valkyria said.

"The second I held that title above my head, I knew it was a moment I'd relish for a lifetime."

Dream Fulfilled

The Irish sensation has spent years visualizing how her dream of winning the NXT Women's Championship would unfold.

"I've fantasized about this in countless ways—what I would say, how it would feel, and who my opponent would be. Defeating Becky made this the perfect fairy-tale ending for me," Valkyria elaborated. After the match, Lynch graciously accepted her defeat and took the moment to signal what she coined the "NbeXT" era.

Lynch affirmed that NXT's future looked bright and praised Valkyria for her hard-fought victory, saying, "If I had to pass the torch, I'm glad it's to someone like Lyra. She has the talent and the passion to lead the new wave." Becky Lynch's sentiments echo through the wrestling community, leading to speculation on what's next for both athletes.

For Valkyria, however, this is just the beginning. She is already setting her sights on her first title defense and the long road ahead in the WWE. "It's great to reach the summit, but staying here is another challenge altogether," Valkyria said, adding a new layer of intrigue to her burgeoning career.

"I'm prepared to face whatever comes next with the same determination that got me here in the first place." With Valkyria's reign just beginning and Lynch looking toward new horizons, the NXT Women's division is entering an exhilarating new chapter.

Fans and insiders alike are eagerly waiting to see how this new landscape will unfold, but one thing is clear: Lyra Valkyria has arrived, and she's here to stay.

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