Enzo Amore on Working with NXT

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Enzo Amore on Working with NXT

The WWE hires the best wrestlers of the world, but they sometimes produce quality wrestlers themselves. The WWE has one of the largest professional wrestling development centers and academy in the world. Almost all new talents have to go through the development center to make sure that they are ready to step into the WWE ring.

Indie wrestlers even have to wrestle for a number of years at NXT. NXT is the smaller wrestling promotion of the WWE and that is where inexperienced wrestlers gain experience. They are then called to the main roster, where they perform with some of the world’s best wrestlers.

Enzo spoke about his experience at NXT and said he learned a lot from it. "I was blessed to have been there at the inception of that with a crop of new talents like Big E, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. New episodic shows that came out on Hulu and were aired overseas, then the birth of the WWE Network, and to have a cult following of NXT fans that started in Florida through marketing mechanisms that were literally FCW," stated Enzo before adding that he was putting up flyers on telephone poles all over Florida”.

Some people now consider NXT to be the best product that the WWE currently has. It is quite a big thing now. During Enzo’s time, it wasn’t that big.