Road Dogg on His New NXT Role

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Road Dogg on His New NXT Role

Road Dogg is a former member of Degeneration X. Degeneration X was one of the most popular factions of the WWE’s Attitude Era. They are still quite a popular faction, even though they rarely get together. All members of DX are now WWE Hall of Famers.

Road Dogg’s real name is BG James. He was one of the lead writers for the WWE. He quit his position a few months back as he was fed up of Vince McMahon constantly making changes to the scripts. On X-Pac’s podcast, he spoke about his new role that was given to him by the WWE.

He now works on the NXT brand and he says that the NXT crews are better comrades. "For me to get to work with the guys and build a relationship with them and have that camaraderie because it is something I missed as the lead writer [of Smackdown]….

For Smackdown I wouldn't even go out there and do rehearsals anymore. “I very rarely talked to the talent because I was just in the writers room or in with Vince going over the show or you know whatever we were doing.

I was kind of isolated away on the creative side of the railroad tracks so this is a disconnect. And then the talent calls me on a Wednesday when I'm in prepping for a meeting to go in to pitch a show or whatever...," James said.