Road Dogg on NXT Takeover Events

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Road Dogg on NXT Takeover Events

Road Dogg was a member of Degeneration X, a faction that was extremely popular during the Attitude Era. The entire group was known for being experts at profanity and they were one of the most entertaining groups of that time.

Degeneration X no longer works together regularly, but they still get cheers when they do appear in a WWE ring together. Road Dogg continued to work for the WWE, even after the end of his in-ring career. A few months back, he was a lead writer for the WWE, but he quit.

Now he works for NXT backstage. He spoke about how good the NXT Takeover product is on X-Pac’s podcast. "What I love so much about it is and I think it's part of the formula that people like is; look there's five matches," James said.

"You go to the live event you can probably get six or eight matches but you tune in for Takeover you get five matches, six tops. And all the titles are on the line and it's not every month, so the titles and the story can build a little longer...

revenue is great for the for the Takeovers and this last one proved that it doesn't necessarily have to coattail or piggyback a bigger event so it stood on its own, in a town that we don't run a whole bunch anymore and so it did really well."