Triple H On Holding an NXT Takeover at Saudi Arabia

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Triple H On Holding an NXT Takeover at Saudi Arabia

Triple H spoke about the WWE Super ShowDown event with the media after the event. It was WWE’s second PPV held at Saudi Arabia. Triple H is currently controlling the NXT brand which is where he develops wrestlers. He spoke about the possibility of taking NXT Takeover to Saudi Arabia one day.

He stated that he needs to find talent within the area before he goes ahead and hosts the event there. "The goal is to be able to find talent here, recruit talent here, train talent, and to be able to build something off the ground here," Triple H said.

"Now, whether that's bringing in NXT TakeOver here or whether that's building a brand here will yet to be determined. It just depends on how quickly we can find talent and how quickly we can train them." WWE has always been global but NXT is also going global as well.

NXT has its own roster in the UK and it is proper NXT show. It is known as NXT UK. According to a few wrestling journalists and fans, the NXT product is actually more entertaining than the RAW and Smackdown products. It is helped by the fact that many experienced indie wrestlers start their WWE careers in NXT. they build a fan base there and then take them to the main roster.