Booker T Eager for Grayson Waller's Defeat in WWE NXT Match


Booker T Eager for Grayson Waller's Defeat in WWE NXT Match
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WWE Superstar Grayson Waller, known for his provocative antics, recently found himself on the receiving end of some sharp criticism from WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. During a recent broadcast of his "Hall of Fame" show, Booker T delved into the events of the inaugural "WWE NXT" episode of 2024, where he didn't hold back his thoughts on Waller's defeat at the hands of Trick Williams.

The episode, which Booker T lauded as a spectacular start to the year, featured a high-stakes match where Trick Williams triumphed over Grayson Waller. This victory not only showcased Williams' prowess but also determined the contender for the "NXT" Championship.

Booker T, a respected commentator and a veteran in the wrestling world, expressed his satisfaction over Waller's loss, particularly due to a personal incident involving his family.

Booker T's Satisfying Retort

Booker T recounted, with a hint of humor, how Waller had overstepped boundaries at a WWE live event in Houston, Texas.

"NXT kicked off the year with a bang," Booker T commented. "The first show was smokin' Trick Williams really showed his skill against Grayson Waller. And honestly, I couldn't wait to see Waller get the hell beat out of him. In Houston, he crossed the line with my wife and kids.

He should remember whose city this is," he added with a laugh. This isn't the first time Waller and Booker T have had friction. Previously, during a match, Waller had audaciously challenged Booker T's list of top current wrestlers, even resorting to disrespectful language that left the commentator stunned.

The recent match on "NXT" took an unexpected turn when Kevin Owens intervened, striking Waller and aiding Williams in securing a shot at the "NXT" Championship. Meanwhile, Waller has been aligning with Austin Theory and Logan Paul, the latter being the current United States Champion.

This alliance has seen them become instrumental in Paul's battles, including his upcoming title defense against Owens at the Royal Rumble later this month. As the dynamics in WWE continue to evolve, the tension and rivalries only intensify, promising more thrilling encounters and unexpected developments in the world of professional wrestling.

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