From College to NXT: Fallon Henley's Unexpected Path


From College to NXT: Fallon Henley's Unexpected Path
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WWE NXT star Fallon Henley, a rising sensation in the wrestling world, recently shared her unique journey into professional wrestling during an interview on "Busted Open Radio." Henley, who did not grow up as a wrestling enthusiast, revealed that her interest in the sport sparked during her college years.

Contrary to many wrestlers who are drawn to the ring from a young age, Henley's introduction to wrestling was somewhat unconventional. She credits the reality TV show "Total Divas" for initially piquing her interest, which then led her to become a regular viewer of WWE's flagship shows - NXT, SmackDown, and Raw.

This newfound passion eventually culminated in her decision to pursue a career in wrestling. Before becoming a familiar face on NXT, Henley, wrestling under the name Tesha Price, made her in-ring debut in June 2017. Her first match was against Jenna Van Muscles in the Mercedes Martinez Women's Tournament for World Xtreme Wrestling, a debut that ended in a loss but marked the beginning of her promising career.

After several years honing her skills on the independent circuit and making appearances for AEW, Henley signed with WWE in 2021. Wrestling fans may recall her appearance on NXT in 2018 as Tenilla Price, where she faced off against former WWE star Lacey Evans in a squash match.

Henley's Rising NXT Career

Since joining WWE, Henley has become a regular on the NXT roster, showcasing her impressive skills and charismatic persona. Her perseverance and dedication to the sport were rewarded in February 2023, when she, alongside Kiana James, won the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship - a milestone marking her first championship in her professional wrestling career.

Currently, Henley is embroiled in an intense feud with former NXT Women's Champion Tiffany Stratton, a storyline that has captivated the NXT audience. Henley's journey from a college student unfamiliar with wrestling to a champion on one of WWE's most dynamic brands is not just a testament to her talent and hard work, but also an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers.

Her story demonstrates that passion and dedication can lead to success, even in the most unexpected ways. As she continues to rise in the ranks of NXT, Fallon Henley remains a wrestler to watch in the coming years.