Johnny Gargano reveals the main differences between NXT and WWE

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Johnny Gargano reveals the main differences between NXT and WWE

Johnny Gargano represents one of NXT's best talents, where he has already shown off all his skills in the ring. During a recent interview with Uproxx, he explained the main differences between NXT and WWE. "Yeah, it’s all over the map, and I think that’s the pretty cool thing about it though, is kind of everyone’s picking sides, and all the sides kind of have to do with my side, so it’s all, “Oh, we want Johnny Wrestling, we want the Johnny Failure, boo, why Johnny why, oh I get it, oh, I don’t get it.

Why’d he do this? Why’d he do that? Oh, he shouldn’t have done this. Oh, maybe he should’ve done this”. It’s so all over the map, and I think that’s kind of the atmosphere I get when I perform now, too.

I’ve only done one show since that, but I think The Staples Center is going to be madness. "I think it’s gonna be wild. And I think that’s kind of the beautiful thing about NXT, is we can kind of tell stories like that, because at the end of the day, in real life, the world does change people.

Certain situations do change people. I’m not the same person I was, same person I am now, that you saw wrestling back in whatever, 10 years ago," Gargano said. Johnny also added: "I’m not that person. Things have happened that have changed me.

I’ve grown, I’ve changed, I’m different. And I think characters need to change too, based on things that happen in their lives. For me, I feel like I’m still the same person, I’m still the same guy.

I feel like I’m very justified in my actions, ’cause in my head, in my mind, I made a mistake, and Tommaso Ciampa’s NXT Champion because of me. It’s my fault, I’ve owned up to that, that’s my mistake.

But it’s my mistake to fix. I’m gonna be the one to fix it. I have to be the one to fix it. Aleister Black unfortunately just got in the way. It’s a two person story, it’s me and Tommaso. Aleister Black was not supposed to be involved.

Did I mess up by costing him the NXT Championship? Yes, but I was going to fix it. In my head, the ends justify the means. "The end is me defeating Tomasso Ciampa, for the NXT Championship, everyone celebrating, everyone going nuts, you’ll be happy.

That is the end. If one person had to be jumped in the parking lot to make that happen, I’m sorry Aleister, you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. That’s basically what it comes down to."