Road Dogg on Trust Building

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Road Dogg on Trust Building

Road Dogg has spent most of his career and his life working for the WWE. He is no longer an active wrestler, but he is working for WWE NXT the moment. He recently quit his position of a lead writer due to creative differences.

Vince McMahon is still quite hands on and made changes to the scripts that he wrote almost all the time. He didn’t like it so he quit his role. He was a guest on X-Pac’s podcast, where he spoke about scripted promos.

He stated that there are certain wrestlers who are told exactly what to say. Other wrestlers are given bullet points and they have to decide the structure of their promo. Then there are others who are just given briefed and they cut the rest of the promo themselves.

He praised Daniel Bryan’s promo skills: “It's very important to have that trust with an individual. Daniel Bryan, you can tell Daniel Bryan the message you want conveyed and he can go out there and deliver that message and do it in his character”.

He then went on to talk about how important trust is, as the WWE can’t afford to let big mistakes happen. "The big thing for me is that you have to earn that trust, but to develop that relationship where you can trust your talent and trust that you pick out which ones. Hopefully you can trust them all,” stated Road Dogg.