Adam Cole on Wrestlers he Would like to Face

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Adam Cole on Wrestlers he Would like to Face

Many NXT Stars that join the brand are former indie wrestlers. They need to spend years on the indie circuit before they are hired by the WWE. Even after joining NXT, they need to work hard to be considered for the main roster.

After getting to the main roster, they again need to work really hard to get to the top of the promotion and build a fan base along the way. Adam Cole is a popular NXT Superstar. He is currently the NXT Champion. He was interviewed by and he spoke about NXT crowds and who he wants to face in the future.

Adam Cole is not new in the world of professional wrestling. He was actually a well-known indie wrestler before he joined WWE NXT. "I think at this point it's safe to say that the Takeover crowds are some of, if not the best crowds in all of pro wrestling," Cole said.

The wrestler that he likes to face from the main roster is AJ Styles. He has faced AJ Styles before, but that was outside of the WWE. Now, he wants to face the WWE inside the WWE. "Truth be told, I feel like I'd have an excellent match with a lot of guys on Raw and SmackDown," Cole said.

"The NXT roster is stacked. There's guys that I've wrestled before -- for example, I've wrestled an A.J. Styles before. That was only a couple of times, but I would love the chance to wrestle him again whether that be a Raw or SmackDown environment or a Takeover environment”.