NXT Star Suffers from Staph Infection

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NXT Star Suffers from Staph Infection

Professional wrestlers regularly come into close contact with each other. Professional wrestling, even though worked, is still a grappling art for the most part. Professional wrestling came from Catch Wrestling, which was actually a legit form of grappling.

The wrestlers often contract an infection if they wrestle with someone who is infected. Infections are not a huge problem for the WWE. Wrestlers don’t usually get infected and Staph infections are not very common. Recently, Kyle O’Reilly unfortunately developed a staph infection.

He is a popular NXT star. Due to the staph infection Kyle was taken out of the EVOLVE 129 and EVOLVE 130 events. He will be appearing to meet and greet before the events though. He will also be at Roderick Strong’s corner.

Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Kyle is suffering from a staph infection and he was pulled from all booking due to it. He is a member of the Undisputed Era and he will be back in action in about a week or two. He has also missed a few NXT wrestling matches due to the infection.

He had to receive stiches after the NXT Takeover: XXV event that was held on the 1st of June. The stiches got infected and that is why he has to take time off or he might infect other wrestlers. Tyler Breeze will be Kyle’s replacement for all the events that he will miss.