Natalya Triumphs Over NXT Star in Exciting WWE Victory

Wrestling fans rejoice as Natalya secures a memorable win.

by Noman Rasool
Natalya Triumphs Over NXT Star in Exciting WWE Victory
© Nattie/Twitter

Former SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya recently took to social media to praise a big win, as she defeated budding NXT talent Lola Vice on WWE NXT. That episode portrayed Lola Vice stepping into the spotlight confidently and challenging anyone who would dare come out from the other end and meet her in the ring.

Answering that, there came out Natalya, also dubbed Nattie, to show the newcomer a lesson. The match quickly rose, with Vice beginning to showboat outside the ring in a defensive manner before finally launching a counterattack with a series of kicks.

Following up with an armbar attempt, Vice was able to wriggle away from it, but he was caught again with Natalya's experience in wrestling, pulling off a perfect roll-up to take the match. The win left Natalya, who was excited, looking for where to share the good news; and the social media space was it.

"What a fun match! What a fun night!" she summarized excitedly.

Natalya Praises Triple H

Besides in-ring achievements, Natalya also spilled on why she loves Triple H during a chat on Lightweights Podcast with Joe Vulpis. She lauded that Triple H has a deep knowledge of professional wrestling since he is a competitor in the respective field and also a Chief Content Officer for WWE.

Natalya said that Triple H was very understanding of the talent because he's been there before, going through injuries and all the highs and lows of being a WWE wrestler. She lauded his modern way to manage contemporary talent ideas and concerns, saying this might be a window into the ability he likely had to process and consider input from a contemporary stand-point.

While what Natalya will get up to in the WWE is still being kept under wraps, her most recent actions and public comments made are definitely garnering attention from fans and people in the know. As the WWE continues to grow and expand, those who tune into the show are interested in just what exactly the future will hold for Natalya, who is proving that she is in it for the long haul in wrestling.

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