Drew McIntyre on Differences Between NXT, RAW and Smackdown

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Drew McIntyre on Differences Between NXT, RAW and Smackdown

The WWE has a developmental brand called NXT. Some wrestling journalists and fans believe that NXT is currently the best WWE product. NXT currently has some of the best indie wrestlers of the world working for it. That doesn’t mean that all NXT wrestlers transition well to the main roster.

Some NXT stars have a really hard time and are disregarded by the WWE. The WWE tries its best to make everyone happy, but they can’t often do that. As a business, they only push wrestlers that they think will help them make more money.

Drew McIntyre is a former indie wrestler and he is in his second run with the WWE. He started off in NXT so he knows about the differences between NXT and the main roster very well. He had some advice for the NXT wrestlers. He gave the advice on the Not Sam Wrestling Podcast.

"Don't lose what brought you to the dance," McIntyre said. "The nature of Raw and SmackDown and NXT are very different. You're going to get more time in NXT, whereas on Raw and SmackDown the matches are kind of commercials for the characters and the future pay-per-views.

At NXT, I'm going to have 30 minutes, it is easy to tell a story in 30 minutes. How good are you really? Are you able to tell that story in five minutes?”