Triple H On Meaning Wearing Different Hats

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Triple H On Meaning Wearing Different Hats

Running and producing a professional wrestling promotion/brand is by no means an easy job. If a promotion fails to deliver good shows, they might lose fans or fail to get more fans. The WWE built itself over many years. They are now the largest wrestling promotion in the world, but the executives needs to work really hard to keep its fans.

Most professional wrestling industry people believe that NXT’s product is much better than the flagship products of the WWE currently. The WWE reported that they lost a lot of money this year, and many people believe that Vince McMahon is the reason for WWE’s downfall.

NXT is headed by Triple H and Vince McMahon does not control the product. On the WWE Network documentary titled Creation & Destruction, Triple H spoke about wearing many hats in the WWE. He is a superstar as well as an executive.

"Different hat, different environment, different roles and obligations but you got to be on," Triple H said. "Get up in the morning and hit the ground running. Moving on to media calls where I now have to step into a different role of promoting the event.

Taking that hat off and now stepping into a production meting where I have to put on the hat of creating an event and how that event will come to life and what'll be like." Even though Triple H does not wrestle regularly, he is still highly valued in the WWE.