Triple H On Coaching NXT Wrestlers

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Triple H On Coaching NXT Wrestlers

Many professional wrestlers in the world today spent years training before they entered the ring. Even after the training they sometimes fail moves. A single badly performed move can end a professional wrestler’s career in an instant.

The WWE uses the NXT brand to send develop its wrestlers before they are used in the main roster. Many famous indie wrestlers had to start at NXT before they made it big in the main roster. Some people believe that NXT is actually the best WWE product that the WWE has right now.

Triple H is in charge of the NXT. In the documentary titled Creation & Destruction, Triple H spoke about the importance of coaching the NXT stars that are under him. He stated in the video that he tries his best to give the NXT stars as much advice as possible and that he didn’t get it back in his time.

"I sort of feel like often feel like the coaching is more important," Triple H said. "With RAW and SmackDown, you've been doing this for longer and you're sort of self motivated. You're having all these conversations with yourself and inner monologs.

They don't know to have them yet, so that coaching is important to them. So, I just try to go back at times and if I was in their shoes and what I would need to hear and just try to think about things that helped me through stuff."