The Street Profits on Leaving a Good Impression

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The Street Profits on Leaving a Good Impression

There are number of famous professional wrestling tag teams that have come out of the WWE. The WWE has probably produced the best tag teams of all time actually. Even some of the tag teams in NXT are quite famous now. It is true that tag teams are not as popular as they used to be at one time in the WWE, but that is mainly the fault of WWE’s creative team.

The current NXT Tag Team Champions are The Street Profits. They were interviewed by Byron Saxton for the WWE website. They have held the titles for a really long time. Montez Ford spoke about hopefully influencing the kids through their run.

"Being a champion is something to celebrate, but also a responsibility," Ford said. "Give back to the people that helped you become a champion, because everyone that's ever become a champion had champions around them.

If you have been grinding for years and lost touch with some people, showing up as a champion completes the explanation on both ends. My hope is that kids see us and want to work the smartest, no matter the situation, because that's a championship mentality."

Dawkins added, "With great champions that were before us, like The Revival, American Alpha, AOP, #DIY and even Undisputed ERA, Tez's and my goal is to go down as the best tag team in NXT."