An Update on Pete Dunne’s injury

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An Update on Pete Dunne’s injury

Even the best champions in history had to take time off to recover from injuries. In the brutal sport of wrestling, getting injured is inevitable. It is sad to see your favorite wrestler on the sidelines due to an injury. We all want to see our favorite wrestlers perform all year around.

For WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne, his injured foot kept him from appearing at a few events. The injury was never fully disclosed, but at one point, it was said to be quite severe. Pete Dunne was so committed to his work that he competed, even though he didn’t recover fully from his injury according to Triple H.

Triple H learned about this through his post-Takeover interview. At the recent Takeover event, Dunne was limping during a few occasions. Dunne was suffering from a broken bone in his foot that kept him away from the ring. Even though he gave it time to heal and is good to go for now, some fans might be concerned after watching him limp a few times during the Takeover event.

It is admirable that Dunne, who has been a part of various promotions including the German Westside Xtreme Wrestling, was working through and injury, and loves his work so much that he wanted to perform even though he had a bone broken in his foot.