Roxanne Perez Defends NXT Title, Solidifies Heel Persona

Roxanne Perez triumphs in NXT with decisive championship win.

by Noman Rasool
Roxanne Perez Defends NXT Title, Solidifies Heel Persona
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In a thrilling defense of her title, Roxanne Perez retained the NXT Women's Championship last Tuesday, defeating Chelsea Green in a closely contested match. Perez, currently in her second stint as champion but her first as a heel, successfully executed her signature move, the Pop Rox, to clinch the victory.

Despite both competitors typically playing villainous roles, the dynamic shifted during the match, with Green assuming the role of a face, earning the support of the NXT audience. Meanwhile, Perez faced a barrage of boos, indicating that her portrayal as a heel was resonating with the crowd.

Following her win, Perez took to Instagram to express her feelings in a cryptic post, stating, "Oh, to be in love," seemingly mocking the audience's mixed reactions and solidifying her heel persona.

Perez's Career Evolution

This victory marks a significant chapter in Perez's career.

After some initial frustration over her inability to reclaim the title earlier, her recent performances have showcased a newfound aggressiveness, an evolution that fans and commentators alike have noted as pivotal for her career trajectory.

Her growth into a stronger character in the ring suggests she could soon be up for bigger challenges than NXT, but concerns come up about how well she would actually fare in that more competitive environment given the depth of talent already in WWE's main roster.

Perez started wrestling at just 16 years old while being trained by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T. through his Reality of Wrestling promotion. Her early start in the industry, combined with stints in other promotions like Ring of Honor, paved her way to WWE, where she signed in 2022.

Booker T recently spoke about Perez's evolution in an interview with Mojo Rawley on TMZ Sports. He praised her as a "prodigy," reflecting on her dreams from a young age and her rapid rise in the wrestling world. "She's truly the prodigy.

She started with me when she was 16 years old... And look at her now, a two-time NXT champion, Breakout tournament winner, Iron Survivor. She’s accomplished so much at just 22 years old," Booker T remarked, endorsing her heel turn as a natural progression in her quest for dominance in the sport.

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