Latest update on Ava's future

One of the most important characters of the last months of NXT is definitely Ava

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Ava's future
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One of the most important characters of the last months of NXT is definitely Ava, the General Manager of the WWE color show, who literally took William Regal's place at the helm of the WWE Tuesday night show, even being baptized by the former wrestler himself in an episode a few months ago.

After seeing the beginning of her new on-screen role in NXT, The Rock's daughter has not stepped into the ring as a wrestler anymore, with WWE fans wondering several times if the athlete will ever return to do something in the NXT ring or not.

To give an answer to this question, Corey Brennan of the Fightdul Select website, who in his last question and answer session with fans, stated: "For now there are no plans for her to return to wrestling but I think she is like Nick Aldis, in case it were ever needed, if the time were right and if the storyline made sense, I think she could.

I know she is continuing to train behind the scenes even as GM".

New details on Ava

Ava has dedicated herself to the backstage management of the various shows supported by Shawn Michaels who has been the creative head of the show since the end of last year.

Despite this, however, we had never been clearly told that the girl had adopted the role of General Manager until, in the episode of January 23, 2024, William Regal made his big and long-awaited return who finally worked off the no-appearance clause after his farewell to AEW.

In fact, the well-known General Manager of NXT passed the baton to Ava, with WWE obviously announcing that from that moment on she would be the GM of NXT, and be careful because this is a historic role as Ava is the youngest General Manager in WWE history at only 22 years old.

One of the most anticipated matches was definitely the one between the two NXT and TNA champions, with Roxanne Perez who retained her title against Jordynne Grace, in a truly beautiful and hard-fought contest. Following the match between the two girls, apparently the entire TNA management also arrived, with the well-known site Fightful Select reporting the news live, after several fans spotted Gail Kim in the audience of the event and from there they also discovered the identity of the person who was with her.