NXT Superstar makes huge announcement

The series of injuries that is affecting WWE athletes continues

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT Superstar makes huge announcement
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During a recent live broadcast on popular streaming site Twitch, NXT Superstar Javier Bernal announced that he has injured his foot in a match and will be sidelined for a while. “Well, I found out the other day that I broke my foot in a few places, so, you know, it sucks.

Yeah, it’s kind of hard to say out loud, but… Let’s get over this. Okay, excuse me. A lot of you know me as Big Body Javi on TV, but, that’s all I’ve ever wanted to do, friends… This is really hard to deal with, really hard.

You’ve probably seen a clip of it, and I’m sure I’ll post it in the next few days. But yeah, I broke my foot in a few places. It sucks, but that’s the way it is. Two days ago, I broke it in a few places and they initially told me that I probably wouldn’t need surgery, but then the next day, the MRI wasn’t really clear and they looked it up and it looks like I’m probably going to have to have surgery on my foot.

I expected to be able to recover in six weeks without surgery, but from what I understand it will be six months [with surgery]”.

Bad news for NXT

After seeing the start of her new on-screen role as General Manager at NXT, The Rock's daughter Ava has not stepped into the ring as a wrestler, with WWE fans wondering several times if the athlete will ever return to do something in the NXT ring or not.

To give an answer to this question, Corey Brennan of the site Fightful Select, who in his latest Q&A with fans, stated: "Right now there are no plans for her to return to wrestling but I think she is like Nick Aldis, if it ever comes to the point, if the time is right and if the storyline makes sense, I think she could.

I know she is continuing to train behind the scenes even as GM". One of the athletes who has been missing from WWE rings for the past few weeks is Asuka, former tag team champion of the company's main roster and who was hit by a knee injury that no longer allowed her to work in the rings of the company managed by TKO.

As confirmed in a segment brought to the stage in WWE by Dakota Kai, Asuka would have had to be absent from the federation's rings for a few months, with her injury probably also requiring surgery to fix the problem that occurred to the Japanese. And so it was, with Asuka herself sharing some post-operation photos.