Roxanne Perez achieved a great feat

NXT star Roxanne Perez won with great difficulty

by Simone Brugnoli
Roxanne Perez achieved a great feat
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One of the most anticipated matches of the last PPV presented by WWE tonight, namely NXT Battleground, was certainly the one that saw the two absolute champions of TNA and NXT clash for the first time in the history of the two companies, with Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez who put on a spectacular match for the fans of the Stamford federation.

As could be expected from the eve of the contest, Jordynne Grace played a very concrete and physical match, also helped by her powerful physique that put her opponent in no small difficulty. However, to help Roxanne Perez, two external interferences arrived, which distracted the TNA champion, allowing the final victory to the NXT champion.

Towards the end of the match, in fact, Tatum Paxley arrived at ringside, who literally stole the Knockout title from the hands of the time keeper near the bell, walking away with the belt in her hand. Tatum was stopped by Ash By Elegance, former WWE Dana Brooke, with the TNA champion intervening by hitting both opponents at ringside, but giving Perez time to recover and hit her with her finisher, giving her the victory.

Roxanne Perez defeated Jordynne Grace

After seeing her back in the WWE rings for the start of a feud with Roxanne Perez, with the NXT women's title at stake, which she lost tonight in the PLE Battleground, it seems that the Knockout champion has really caught the attention of WWE, so much so that the Stamford federation is thinking of stealing the athlete's contract from TNA.

According to what was reported by Mike Johnson of PW Insider, in fact, this would not be uncommon, with WWE literally buying the athlete's contract from TNA, with an agreement between all parties. The well-known journalist reported: "I don't think they're going to steal her, but I think there's a real interest between the two parties, which will lead to a long-term agreement between Grace and WWE at the end of her contract, if not before. There's a real possibility that WWE will make an offer to buy her contract from TNA".

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