NXT Battleground shocked fans

NXT Battleground did not disappoint fans' expectations

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT Battleground shocked fans
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During the night, WWE aired its latest NXT effort, with Battleground, which saw several very important matches for the third roster of the federation now managed by TKO. Although most of the attention was drawn to Jordyne Grace and Roxanne Perez as regards the women of the PPV, the first historic Women's North American Champion also intrigued fans a lot.

To begin a new historic reign for the North American champion of NXT, it was in fact Kelani Jordan, at the end of a truly exhausting Ladder match for all the participants in the competition. The contest was in fact dominated by chaos, with all the participants in the match who gave their best in the ring, between moments of great athleticism and intense personal and non-personal battles.

In the end, at a moment in which Kelani had managed to remain alone in the ring, the girl managed to snatch the belt from the special support on the ceiling of the arena, graduating as the first historic Women's North American Champion of NXT.

NXT Battleground did not disappoint

After seeing the start of her new on-screen role as General Manager at NXT, The Rock's daughter Ava has not stepped into the ring as a wrestler, with WWE fans wondering several times if the athlete will ever return to do something in the NXT ring or not.

To give an answer to this question, Corey Brennan of the site Fightful Select, who in his latest Q&A with fans, stated: "Right now there are no plans for her to return to wrestling but I think she is like Nick Aldis, if it ever comes to the point, if the time is right and if the storyline makes sense, I think she could.

I know she is continuing to train behind the scenes even as GM". One of the most anticipated matches of the last PPV presented by WWE tonight, namely NXT Battleground, was certainly the one that saw the two absolute champions of TNA and NXT clash for the first time in the history of the two companies, with Jordynne Grace and Roxanne Perez putting on a spectacular match for the fans of the Stamford federation.