Drew McIntyre Critiques CM Punk’s NXT Backstage Segment

Tensions flare in WWE as McIntyre blasts CM Punk.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Critiques CM Punk’s NXT Backstage Segment
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Drew McIntyre’s ongoing rivalry with CM Punk escalated following a tense backstage exchange at NXT Battleground. The incident, which involved a verbal clash between Punk and NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez, drew sharp criticism from McIntyre, who didn't hesitate to express his disdain on social media platform X (formerly Twitter).

“Even people who grew up idolizing CM Punk are already sick of him,” McIntyre posted, highlighting the growing discontent with Punk's attitude among peers and fans alike. This remark is just the latest in a series of public spats between the two wrestlers, whose feud has captivated WWE audiences for years.

The animosity between McIntyre and Punk traces back to their earlier days in WWE, with McIntyre accusing Punk of undermining his career during his initial stint with the company. This long-held grudge has only intensified over time, leading to some intense confrontations both inside and outside the ring.

Currently, CM Punk is on the mend from a torn triceps injury sustained during the men’s Royal Rumble earlier this year. Despite this setback, Punk made a significant impact at WWE WrestleMania 40, where he interfered in McIntyre’s match, costing him the World Heavyweight Championship.

The incident has only fueled the fire between the two, with McIntyre vowing retaliation.

Clash at the Castle

Looking ahead, McIntyre is set to contend for the World Heavyweight Title at the upcoming WWE Clash of the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland.

He will face Damian Priest in what promises to be a high-stakes matchup. McIntyre also issued a stark warning to Punk: any interference in this match would not sit well with the local crowd, especially if it leads to a loss for their hometown hero.

As WWE fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this heated rivalry, all eyes will be on Clash of the Castle to see if Punk will respond to McIntyre’s challenge or if he will respect his adversary’s turf. Either way, the tension between these two WWE stalwarts is far from over, adding another intriguing layer to their storied conflict.

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