Latest update on Giulia's future

WWE teases Giulia's imminent arrival in NXT

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Giulia's future
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At WWE NXT Battleground last weekend, Roxanne Perez successfully defended her NXT Women’s Championship in a beautiful match with TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace, once again taking home the belt that she has longed to have back for a second run as champion.

In the post-PLE episode of NXT, The Prodigy then entered the ring to close the show with a promo where she not only demanded an apology from Ava, the show’s GM, but also praised herself by saying that “no one in the world” is at her level.

The curious thing is that even at NXT Battleground, Vic Joseph on commentary said that the champion is on another level compared to anyone “in the world”, proof that something is about to happen. In fact, it is thought that this clarification about the “world” is made specifically because Giulia is expected to arrive from Japan shortly to go against Roxanne Perez with the NXT Women’s Title at stake.

New details on Giulia's status

In recent weeks, WWE has begun a real twinning with TNA, a company that until a few years ago was a real rival of the Stamford federation and that instead in the last 2-3 years has turned out to be a friendly company, with which Triple H and the rest of the WWE management have been able to reach a partnership.

There has been a lot of talk about doing this match at NXT Heatwave, the next big event of the third WWE brand, but everything is still up in the air due to a recent injury of Giulia in Marigold, who underwent successful surgery, as she herself told Tokyo Sports: "That day, my arm bent in the opposite direction and as a result I broke a bone.

I was told that surgery would be the quickest way for a quick recovery, and I decided [to do it] because I wanted [to fight] Sareee in perfect conditions." The wrestler, as reported by Donne Tra Le Corde, recently showed herself without the cast on her wrist, but only a small brace, a sign that she could have accelerated her recovery time to clash both with Saree at the Marigold Summer Destiny event, and with Roxanne Perez at NXT Heatwave.