Latest update on Brooks Jensen's current status

Young star Brooks Jensen still breaks into NXT

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Brooks Jensen's current status
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In the last few episodes of NXT we saw a real feud between Brooks Jensen and the management of the third roster of WWE, with the athlete who took it over the weeks with both Shawn Michaels and the table comment program, especially with Vic Joseph.

After being removed twice from the last weekly episodes of NXT, this night the security still had to do his job, forcibly removing the athlete from the audience of the episode. While a segment was going on between North American champion Oba Femi and his challenger Wes Lee, the two were distracted by some movements in the audience a little 'unusual, with the security that launched on Brooks Jensen, to kick him out of the arena once again.

Apparently, the WWE is still staging this storyline, with the future of Jensen looking increasingly uncertain in the ring of NXT.

The last attack last week

In the early days of this storyline, Brooks Jensen began to rail with the management of NXT, fearing a farewell to WWE and posting on his social media even his personal email, where receive new booking to go to work elsewhere.

In the episode two weeks ago, then, Jensen appeared even surprise during a break advertising, going to rail against Booker T and Vic Joseph, with the confidence that took away the athlete weight, escorting him to the exit.

Last Tuesday, during one of the various segments of the NXT episode, there was yet another assault by Brooks Jensen at the NXT comment table, with Vic Joseph being yanked for the jacket, just long enough for security to intervene once again, Taking it away despite the first successful attempt to break through the safety cord set up by Shawn Michaels just to not let the athlete into the arena.

After seeing Jordynne Grace appear on NXT, we learned that WWE and TNA have made a deal to get some WWE Superstars in the IMPACT ring, with some names that will soon appear before the cameras of the company once rival of WWE.

In the last hours, the name of Brooks Jensen had also emerged as the first possible suspect to move to TNA, given his new storyline in which he denies his booking and the work of Shawn Michaels at NXT.