NXT launches a very innovative project

It was announced that WWE has reached a new agreement with the American network CW

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT launches a very innovative project
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Recently, it was announced that WWE has reached a new agreement with the American network CW, which will broadcast from next October all the episodes of the year of NXT, instead of USA Network. As of October 2024, the new NXT network will be CW.

With a new agreement for 5 years, NXT will be linked to the network that is investing a lot in the sport in the last period. In a new update from Deadline we have now learned that CW Network will begin broadcasting episodes of NXT from Tuesday, October 1, 2024, thus confirming that the show will continue with programming on the second day of the week, changing only platform abandoning USA Network.

Shawn Michaels proud of his NXT product

In December 2023, Shawn Michaels praised the show he runs during a chat with John Pollock of POST Wrestling at the NXT Deadline media call: "My feeling is that much [does] the movement of the show.

Our show moves very fast. I think it’s something that resonates with that audience. And then it’s a diverse show, it’s sport-entertainment. We have something for everyone. It’s all fast, you go from one scene to another.

With some of the segments we have is almost like scrolling on your phone. We can go from a segment of the Chase U to a promo in the backstage, then to the ring or a shot from the Performance Center to a remote with the Family at the restaurant.

We have a lot of different aspects to the NXT show. That’s why I say we’re the best two-hour wrestling show on TV today, because we have so much variety. Being in Orlando, at the Performance Center, allows us to have something that others don’t.

This is one of the things that stands out. Also, we have younger writers on our show. The old part still makes the final decisions, but at the same time we always try to think about natural things by referring to what happens today.

Some emotions are present regardless of age group: anger, jealousy, joy, happiness, pain, any emotion in evidence does not have an age group. If you can find a way to tap into all these emotions, that’s what attracts the audience between the ages of 18 and 34, because I think it’s a little more focused on this aspect of television".