NXT is organizing a huge event

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are at work for NXT

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT is organizing a huge event
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As we reported last night on our pages, in a new update from Deadline we learned that CW Network will begin broadcasting episodes of NXT starting Tuesday, October 1, 2024, confirming therefore that the show will continue with the programming on the second day of the week, changing only platform abandoning USA Network, since WWE and CW have found an agreement of 5 years.

After that news that made many fans happy, PWInsider, with transcript by Westle Features, has announced that there are some plans in the works in WWE to create a special episode of NXT to emanate outside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando bringing it in an important arena on the occasion of the debut of the product on CW.

According to Mike Johnson, WWE and CW are planning to tackle this first episode together as a big event, with a source reporting that it looks like it will be an event like the first NXT takeovers that WWE fans loved so much, events that have had a certain importance and a certain weight in history, with WWE that wants to start on the right foot this collaboration with the broadcaster.

NXT is growing

Recently, it was announced that WWE has reached a new agreement with the American network CW, which will broadcast from next October all the episodes of the year of NXT, instead of USA Network. As of October 2024, the new NXT network will be CW.

With a new agreement for 5 years, NXT will be linked to the network that is investing a lot in the sport in the last period. As for the location of the event, the site reported that some cities were put on the discussion table and in general some places where you can hold this great event, and even if for now everything remains poised with little certainty, looks like Chicago is Stamford’s first choice.

This city is not random at all, and WWE is not targeting us because now it has CM Punk back on its roster which is also very involved at NXT as we recently saw with Roxanne Perez, but simply because it is the headquarters of the Nexstar Media Group or the owner of CW Network, the one who made the agreement on television rights possible.

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