Latest news on NXT Heatwave

WWE wanted to start putting a little meat on the fire with its next PPV that will air on July 7, or NXT Heatwave

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest news on NXT Heatwave
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During the last episode of NXT that aired tonight, WWE wanted to start putting a little meat on the fire with its next PPV that will air on July 7, or NXT Heatwave. In the episode of last night, in fact, there were several reversals in front, which led the General Manager to make two very important announcements, which probably fans in part did not expect.

The first big announcement saw the protagonist of the champion Roxanne Perez, who in the evening had gone to clash with her colleague Karmen Petrovich, in a match one vs one that the champion has won, except eventually having a fight face to face with her bitter rival: Lola Vice.

After this face-to-face, the Deputy hit the champion, leaving her on the ground and taking Roxanne’s world title with her, taking it to the General Manager’s office. In a second segment, Roxanne Perez was furious and went to reclaim the title in Ava’s office, with GM of NXT notifying her that at NXT Heatwave, the champion will have a match against Lola Vice, with the title of NXT champion.

Update on NXT Heatwave

In addition to the title of Roxanne Perez, also that of champion Trick Williams will be put up for grabs at NXT Heatwave, with the scenario seen in the main event of this night’s episode that changed the results in the company’s ppv.

To end the episode, in fact, there was a 1 vs 1 match between Trick Williams and Shawn Spears, with the contention that became the absolute chaos towards the end, due to several intromissions. One of these saw Oro Mensah go to attack Ethan Page at ringside, with the latter being intent on following the match very carefully.

In a second instance, Brooks Jensen also crossed the safety barrier set up by WWE to keep him out. In all this, Trick Williams obviously got distracted, allowing his opponent to hit him, to go and beat him. After witnessing the champion’s defeat, Ava had to opt for a Fatal Four Way at NXT Heatwave, with Trick Williams facing Je'Von Evans, Shawn Spears and Ethan Page in a screaming title match.