Tommy Dreamer Reviews Lola Vice's NXT Promo

Wrestling legends debate emotional in-ring moment

by Noman Rasool
Tommy Dreamer Reviews Lola Vice's NXT Promo
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On July 2, in "WWE NXT" , wrestler Tommy Dreamer a legend in his own right and a man with plenty of respect for the business gave some high marks to Loia Vice following her scathing promo. Here's what Dreamer had to say on "Busted Open" about Vice and her emotional delivery when she called out Roxanne Perez before they step into the ring this Saturday for "NXT Heatwave." Dreamer told how touched he was by Vice offering a part of her to him, pouring out genuine thoughts that were underscored when she revealed the sad tale of what afflicted her mother.

Dreamer said, "I loved that promo." This writer pays a visit to this strong mother who proceeds to walk him through the narrative before, segueing into discussing "my mom getting sick" and promptly breaks down. "What I emerged with was that her mother died," he said.

In this moment, I can see Vice getting emotional when he says: "I cannot wait for me to call my mom and say 'Mommy, it's a blast." Dreamer thought that was a huge showing of vulnerability on national television.

Dreamer Defends Vice's Promo

Dreamer also loved the exchange between Vice and Perez.

He mentioned Perez having shot back, "you'll never get that phone call," and he said this made the promo become even more real to him. While co-host Bully Ray disagreed with Dreamer and suggested that Vice may have been being too open emotionally in the moment, Dreamer rebutted this by claiming it got her over as a babyface.

Dreamer said last year on "Busted Open" that he was all for the new find and didn't even know Vice's shoot-style connections until she appeared. Dreamer said, "She got very personal with us and that is difficult to come on national television where you have an audience of millions nationally, globally if it re-airs or through another medium-you want to be open, honest and vulnerable." With the "NXT" Women's Title match at NXT Heatwave on the horizon, Dreamer boldly predicted that Vice will win it and claim her first championship in WWE.

His nod is pretty big: It suggests Vice's clip isn't just a segment, but it could be one (initially hard to top) of those defining moments in the path of her career. The Dreamer shines a light on the ins and outs of wrestling promos, along with very real emotions as we head into NXT Heatwave's big match.

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