NXT Heatwave was a great success

WWE staged its latest NXT effort last night

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT Heatwave was a great success
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During the night that ended a few hours ago, WWE staged its latest NXT effort, with NXT Heatwave concluding the PLE weekend by WWE, after Money in the Bank on Saturday night. After seeing the victory of the briefcases by Drew McIntyre and Tiffany Stratton and after seeing the cashing failed immediately by McIntyre, tonight came another twist that struck fans of the WWE Universe.

In the main event of NXT Heatwave, we saw the Fatal 4 Way valid for the NXT title, with Trick Williams being called to defend his title from the attack of Je'Von Evans, Ethan Page and Shawn Spears, after weeks in which the four have done nothing but tease and stick in the last episodes of NXT.

In a match full of twists and turns in front, the unexpected happened at the end, when Shawn Spears knocked out Je'Von Evans, with champion Trick Williams who instead hit with his finisher Ethan Page, almost at the same time, dropping his arch-rival right on the lifeless Evans.

After being held back by Spears, out of the ring, Trick Williams could not help but watch Page’s body fall on Evans and pin it unwittingly, with Ethan Page so clamorously graduating new NXT Champion, almost unwillingly.

NXT Heatwave gave emotions

In a new update from Fightful Select, we learned that in WWE’s plans there was no planned appearance for Giulia at NXT Heatwave, whether it was in person or on video, with the federation of Stamford who would be inclined to get it in the week of SummerSlam to work anyway at some NXT show.

NXT sources have said that obviously WWE wants to bring Giulia as soon as possible to perform, but is also aware that before he must fulfill the commitments he has already made with Marigold, in fact on July 13 should challenge Sareee to Marigold Summer Destiny.

In addition, Giulia is waiting for the green light from the doctors after the injury suffered on the wrist at the debut of Marigold.