Joe Hendry reveals his biggest goal

On July 7, 2024, NXT Heatwave was staged in Canada

by Simone Brugnoli
Joe Hendry reveals his biggest goal
© TNA Wrestling/YouTube

On July 7, 2024, NXT Heatwave was staged in Canada, just 24 hours after Money in the Bank, with WWE wanting to make a great Premium Live Event weekend for its Canadian fans, and something truly absurd happened for its third brand.

In fact, after Ethan Page resoundingly won the NXT Championship in a Fatal 4-Way Match by defeating champion Trick Williams and challengers Shawn Spears and Je'Von Evans, we briefly saw Joe Hendry show close, TNA athlete become famous in recent months who has already made an appearance at NXT on June 18 to participate in a Battle Royal.

To react to what happened was the Scottish wrestler in person on X, joking with a "compliments to the chef", in reference to the fact that were born so many memes about Shawn Michaels that would be a chef because "cooks" always great things for his shows.

In English "to cook" used on these occasions simply means that a person is doing a great job at what he does and churns out ideas and other great things and actually the former DX member is doing a great job with NXT.

Joe Hendry wants the NXT Championship

Now, of course, we have to figure out if Joe Hendry will show up to face the new champion with the belt up for grabs, since he appeared after that title match in the main event, but in the meantime, he also wanted us to know something important by sharing a tweet that TNA made about this appearance.

The Scotsman, in fact, launched a clear message that could also answer the question that we put a little above, saying: "That’s the new face of NXT", a phrase that is usually used for a champion who represents his brand or his federation.

According to a recent update by Fightful Select, with a transcript of WrestleTalk, it is expected that Joe Hendry can be seen again in WWE for other appearances, more precisely talk about getting him back at NXT, with the third brand of the Stamford federation that seems increasingly willing to collaborate with TNA from many points of view.