Sol Ruca has been much criticized

The particularly athletic match between the two at NXT Heatwave did not convince everyone

by Simone Brugnoli
Sol Ruca has been much criticized
© WWE/YouTUbe

On the evening of Sunday, July 7, 2024, WWE staged NXT Heatwave, a Premium Live Event of the third brand of the Stamford federation that had an impressive success, going in a way to overshadow Money in the Bank staged the day before, with Shawn Michaels who proposed not only an impressive card, but also matches that made the fans jump from the sofa at home and from chairs or seats fans present at the arena.

To do all of this, NXT’s athletic talent has been harnessed, as most of them have been trained through the NIL Program, a hiring program that WWE has put in place since the pandemic to recruit collegiate athletes and turn them into professional wrestlers, and as a result some matches or commercials were more "choreographed" than a standard wrestling match, including the match that saw Kelani Jordan defend her NXT Women’s North American Championship against Sol Ruca.

In fact, the two have battled exploiting all their athleticism with spectacular jumps, fast exchanges and shots that we rarely see in WWE, but that are no less valid than more standard moves, is simply a different way to propose a match, with Ricochet who even went so far as to compliment him and Will Ospreay that they seemed like a female version of him, with the fans creating a video that compared two exchanges of the two matches involved in the conversation, where you notice perhaps even a small tribute between the lines.

Sol Ruca and Kelani Jordan have been criticized

Wrestler Sol Ruca pulled out a pearl from nowhere that literally left everyone speechless, debuting with a new finisher, the Sol Snatcher, while the comment was heard: "Oh my god!

What was that?!" Of course, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer were commenting on the event, and when they came to talk about this contention, they let themselves go on some sniveling statements, saying that wasn’t a wrestling match, but a very choreographed gymnastics demonstration, with Meltzer saying he didn’t think it was good to have a similar match.

Obviously on social media has unleashed the collective response of fans who have defined the two hypocrites, s*xist, misogynist and false, since the same Dave Meltzer has repeatedly evaluated similar matches with maybe protagonist Will Ospreay with five stars or even more.