NXT hosts more and more TNA athletes

The Canadian federation continues its collaboration with WWE in the last episode of NXT

by Simone Brugnoli
NXT hosts more and more TNA athletes
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On the Tuesday July 9th episode of NXT, WWE wanted to continue its close collaboration with TNA in January 2024, bringing three of the Canadian athletes into the ring, and one of them is a comeback. We start from the fact that Wes Lee, very close to leaving NXT after failing several times in a row to return North American Champion against champion Oba Femi and other challengers, He found himself sharing the ring in a promo with his old friends Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel, with the three athletes who have thus reunited complete with Rascalz.

These young wrestlers were a group in TNA before Wes Lee and Zachary Wentz (Nash Carter) were hired by WWE in December 2020 under the name MSK. Recall that Zachary Wentz was then fired in April 2022 by the WWE after his ex-wife Kimber Lee had made very heavy accusations about him, talk about physical and psychological abusers, and posting a picture of the wrestler playing Hitler making the gesture we all know.

In the end, the wrestler had returned to TNA by reforming the Rascalz only with Trey Miguel. But now that the three are back together thanks to this crossover, they will face the full Gallus next week.

TNA returns to NXT

Another TNA athlete who showed up in the episode was Joe Hendry, actually seen in the programming of NXT during a Battle Royal with Frankie Kazarian, with the Scotsman who joined Trick Williams in a pair match against Shawn Spears and Ethan Paige in the main event of the evening.

The two won the match and exchanged sweet words backstage in a clip shared by WWE, and it seems that this will not be the last appearance of Joe Hendry at NXT. In the last few episodes of NXT we saw a real feud between Brooks Jensen and the management of the third roster of WWE, with the athlete who took it over the weeks with both Shawn Michaels and the table comment program, especially with Vic Joseph.

And as if that were not enough, the last time we saw him in the third WWE brand, security had to intervene once again by forcibly removing the athlete from the audience of the episode, with the wrestler who was then taken away by the police moments later in the parking lot of the Performance Center in Orlando.